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“Alcohol is a colourless liquid produced by the fermentation process, which is the reaction of sugars and yeast.”  Ethanol is present in all alcoholic drinks and is what makes you get intoxicated.  Alcohol can be purchased and is easily accessible in a variety of places including pubs, clubs, restaurants, supermarkets, petrol stations and other venues. In many of these venues you will be asked to show your I.D. to prove your age.

Alcohol is governed in the UK by Licensing Laws and is legal for purchase by Over 18’s ONLY. 

If not consumed in moderation, alcohol may cause problems in areas of your life, such as: 

·         Short/long term health issues 
·         Relationship problems 
·         Unsuitability for work 
·         Financial difficulties 
·         Family pressures 

Alcohol can limit your ability to study, resulting in poorer grades in your Degree. 

Misuse of alcohol in your early 20’s are likely to continue throughout your adult life. 

We promote Responsible Drinking at the University and offer full support to all students who reach out for advice or support. 

The University is a member of the nationwide university campaign Alcohol Impact. 

Submit a confidential report on REPORT & SUPPORT – but be sure to include your details so we can contact you. 

Book a one-to-one appointment via Sharepoint with our Wellbeing & Drug Awareness Adviser or email Wellbeingskillsanddiversity@buckingham.ac.uk for any further information 

DRINKLINE (Alcohol Helpline) – 0300 123 1110 


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